ISC Paris focuses on the needs of corporations, and places a strong emphasis on research. This helps to increase our students’ management knowledge in both the academic and economic senses. Research allows us to adapt our teaching to the challenges of today’s world.

ISC Paris delivers a generalist management curriculum that is a solid foundation for developing the role-specific and sector-specific skills that a manager needs.
Over the past 50 years, ISC Paris has focused on three specific areas of expertise that serve as the basis for our professors’ research, and for the specialized courses in our Master in Management and MSc (Master of Science) program, recognized by the French Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE).

ISC Paris Grande École’s areas of expertise focus on these three curriculum areas.
Our team of professors is also organized around these three areas, and our Research Laboratory.

Three areas of focus for our curriculum

These areas of focus guide our curriculum design, our programs, and their content. They are rooted in the knowledge and skills of ISC Paris’ professors, and are directly related to our professors’ research activities.

  • Marketing and business relationships
  • Marketing and business relationships

    Marketing and business relationships includes courses in business, distribution, trade, marketing, and client/customer relations. It draws on research in marketing practices and consumer behavior.

  • Finance and audit
  • Finance and audit

    Finance and audit includes courses in accounting, management controls, law, economics, and finance. It draws on research in economic patterns, finance, and regulations.

  • Management and information systems
  • Management and information systems

    Management and information systems includes courses in organization and management (strategy, information systems, human resources, logistics, and international management. It draws on research in management, and organizational strategies and change.

These areas of focus are led by specialization coordinators who ensure that the curriculum and instructional methods within our various programs are progressing, and are consistent with each other.

The ISC Paris Research Laboratory

Research is a key pillar of ISC Paris Grande École. Our research professors carry out their work with the ISC Paris Research Laboratory. This allows us to develop a body of knowledge related to management questions and issues, innovative teaching methods, and techniques for teaching and learning.

Academic publication is a key tool in developing our professors’ knowledge and skills. It ensures that our instructors keep up to date with new knowledge and instructional techniques that align with the needs of today’s world.

Research also expands our school’s reputation, when professors’ work is published in the world’s top academic and professional journals, colloquia, case studies, and the media.

Finally, research allows ISC Paris to help increase management-related knowledge that then spreads throughout the economic world; this then helps companies meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Research is led by our Department of Faculty and Research. Under the aegis of ISC Paris top management, this department oversees the hiring committee for tenure-track research professors, manages the logistical aspects of our team of professors (annual reviews, progress reports, goals, motivational strategies, etc.) and manages the school’s research budget.

This department relies on research subject coordinators, and on Coralie Damay, the Director of our Research Laboratory. She is a research professor of marketing and business relationships.

The Director of the Research Laboratory:

    Leads and directs research and the laboratory: Organizes or co-organizes national and international scientific events,
    Oversees professional development for our team of professors (thesis plans, HRD (research supervisor) credentials, specialized trainings, scientific writing coaching),
    Disseminates (internally and externally) the knowledge resulting from ISC Paris’ research,
    Evaluates research as per ISC Paris’ strategy.

Research subject coordinators:

    Organize and lead their research subject area,
    Develop internal and external synergies to encourage scientific achievements,
    Support ideas for annual scientific events for their research subject area: colloquia, study days, group publications, etc.
    Coordinate scientific oversight of issues for which they are responsible,
    Participate in the Research Committee and the Scientific Council,
    Identify and manage research contracts from entities such as ANR, European entities, etc.

The ISC Paris Research Laboratory focuses on management and economic topics that are taught in ISC Paris’ various programs. Intellectual contributions are organized around four research focuses:

    Marketing practices and consumer behavior (brand, value, responsibility, online presence),
    Economic shifts, finance, and regulation (regulations, taxation, law),
    Management, strategies, and organizational changes (human and management challenges, entrepreneurship and innovation and change processes, societal challenges),
    Creation of instructional case studies: applied research that is directly transferable to our courses.
  • Contact

    Campus Paris

    Fernanda Arreola
    Dean of Research and Faculty

    Tél : (+33) (0)6 46 45 86 51 | Mail :

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