Le Parisien’s 2020 Business School Rankings

ISC Paris Grande Ecole moved up two places in Le Parisien Etudiant’s 2020 rankings of France’s top business schools awarding Master degrees.

This is the sixth national or international ranking where ISC Paris ranked higher in 2019/2020—the others include the Financial Times’ European and international rankings, L’Etudiant, Le Figaro Etudiant, and Challenges).

ISC Paris Grande Ecole’s post-preparatory program landed 17th among the business school rankings, and earned an additional four points across all criteria, as compared to the 2019 ranking:


As Le Parisien says, “Every school has its strengths.

ISC Paris Grande Ecole ranked third among the top 10 for dual degrees, which emphasizes the dynamic nature of our partnerships with 135 international universities. This allows us to offer our students a wide range of dual degrees in a number of specializations.

Positioning ourselves as the number one business school for Action Learning doesn’t mean that we’ve cut back on our high-level academic programs. For more than 50 years, ISC Paris Grande Ecole has been developing a highly effective instructional approach that combines academic coursework with hands-on experience in a variety of environments, including student enterprises, work-study, business cases, “flipped” classes, and peer-to-peer learning. The Grande Ecole program earned the highest possible score for teaching. This criteria includes the percentage of classes taught by research professors, and the percentage taught in English (between 20% and 100% depending on the specialization).

The 12th annual Le Parisien Etudiant rankings look at 16 criteria, divided into five categories: accreditations, appeal, research, internationalism, and entrepreneurship. All of these criteria highlight the dynamic, engaged environment in French business schools, along with the quality of these programs.