The ISC Paris Grande École program allows you to design your own curriculum based on your preferences, your unique professional profile, your personality, and your career plans. During your second year in the program, you can try out a pre-specialization of your choice, and then refine your expert-level training in the final year of the Master in Management.

The goal of the ISC Paris Grande École program is to provide you with all of the knowledge and skills that you need to best understand the corporate ecosystem and the interactions between corporate roles, as well as the challenges facing corporations today. The program will help you specialize in a specific career path by giving you the tools to stay nimble and open to change in the future.

Specializations designed on the model of the best specialized Master programs

Specializations designed on the model of the best specialized Master programs

The program offers a full range of academic and professional instruction, to ensure that our students become true experts, and that they are proactive and responsible in the future, and aware of the impact that their decisions have on their environment.

The four pillars of our educational programs:

    300 hours of specialized instruction during the initial program,
    High-level instructional teams including tenured professors who have PhDs in management science,
    Talks by experts and corporate leaders will complement your coursework, with professional instructors teaching about the most recent innovations and changes based on corporate practices.
    A common theme: putting your coursework into action, in partnership with a corporation that is representative of its sector. This can take various forms, such as a real-world case study, a Business Case study, or students participating in a nationwide competition.

A wide range of specializations and career paths, targeted to French and international market needs

The ISC Paris Grande École program offers you a wide variety of specializations that will give you job skills and a professional profile that are sought after by corporations.

These are divided into three main areas:

Marketing/Communications and Business Relationships

You can choose from three specializations and four options:

ISC Paris Pôle Marketing


You can choose from six potential specializations:

ISC Paris Pôle management

finance & audit

You can choose from five potential specializations:

  • International Students

    Charles Berger

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