A Grande École means two things: high-level academic programs and a wealth of student association opportunities. At ISC Paris, our unique Student Enterprises help students develop a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Association life is an integral part of a business and management Grande École program. Associations help our students make friends, unite around their shared passions, and develop their business acumen in real-world situations.

Our Student Enterprises–even more than associations–are the foundations of our Action Learning curriculum. As a real-world entrepreneur, you–as an ISC Paris student–will manage teams and budgets, set goals and take on new responsibilities. This was one of ISC Paris’ founding principles, more than 50 years ago.

The knowledge you’ll gain from Student Enterprises will serve you throughout your career, because these experiences are both intense and enjoyable: you’ll experience the joys of teamwork, boldness, commitment and perseverance.

The strengths of the Student Enterprise program

The strengths of the Student Enterprise program

ISC Paris’ Student Enterprise program is different from the association programs you’ll see at other schools, because they:

    Have been part of ISC Paris’ history since the school was founded more than 50 years ago. Their names may have changed throughout the years, but their DNA is still the same!
    Are integrated into the ISC Paris curriculum; students earn ECTS credits and can join our Entrepreneurial Track.
    Operate like real-world businesses: students prepare business plans, weekly reports, etc.
    Have a budget (hundreds of thousands of euros in total) allocated by ISC Paris.
    Include more than a third of ISC Paris students across both of our campuses.
    Have their own boot camps, specialized training sessions, and coaches.
    Receive support from our Student Enterprise Office.
    Have their own building and offices on both of our campuses.
    Work closely with ISC Paris management on both campuses.
Action Learning: a new vision

Action Learning: a new vision

Learning and teaching are at the heart of the ISC Paris Grande École Student Enterprises.

Through this specialized “learning by doing” approach, ISC Paris offers you a unique opportunity to hone your professional skills while applying your academic knowledge and developing your decision-making skills.

Our Student Enterprises will especially help you gain real-world project management experience.
Whether you found your own student enterprise or join an existing project, you’ll design a business plan and put it into action.
These experiences play a key role in helping you identify your strengths, solidify your skills and identify your professional personality type.

They will also help you firm up your career goals in terms of what job and what types of responsibilities will help you reach your full potential.

A team of experts to support you

A team of experts to support you

Independent…but not alone. The Student Enterprises Office is available to support you on a daily basis, along with a team of experts who will help you analyze, reflect, and tackle challenges in the world of Student Enterprises, as you develop your decision-making and analysis skills.

The office offers coaching for investor, client, and partner meetings, helps evaluate your progress and gives you suggestions for improvement.

An ambitious budget

Each year, a committee overseen by the Director of Student Enterprises allocates a budget to the ISC Paris Student Enterprises. This financial assistance allows the Enterprises to launch their projects at the beginning of the year, and also goes toward promotional expenses. This shows ISC Paris’ level of trust in our students’ talents.

Real-world benefits

Student Enterprises create a high value-added experience. In a safe environment, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned in your courses, manage an organization, refine your goals, and develop your management skills.

You’ll learn how to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, develop self-confidence and trust your skills.
Not least of all, Student Enterprises help you grow your professional network.

An office dedicated to coordination

The Office of Student Life (Bureau des Élèves-BDE) creates ties between all of our Student Enterprises by leading, coordinating, and overseeing all association projects, in cooperation with the Student Enterprise Office.

  • Contact

    Student Enterprises Programs Paris

    Aymeric Pichot
    Director of Student Enterprises

    (+33) (0)1 40 53 74 05 / apichot@iscparis.com


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