The ISC Paris Orléans campus devotes more than 500 m² of space to Student Enterprise activities. This allows optimal working conditions for everyone, including a dedicated space with all of the resources that your group needs.

The ISC Airlines Student Life Office handles four main initiatives: sports, events, art, and media targeted to students.

Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation

The Student Life Office (BDE)

This office organizes all of ISC Paris’ social activities such as parties, Welcome Weekend, and it serves as a meeting place for student life activities. It serves as a bridge between the school administration and student activities.

The ISC Airlines Student Life Office handles four main initiatives: events, art, and media targeted to students.

The Sports Office (BDS)

The Sport Office (BDS) offers sports activities for all students, and students can create their own sports events such as soccer and rugby tournaments, ski trips, etc. This office works closely with local sports clubs and participates in sports events.

Wheels for Good

Wheels for Good combines two passions: humanitarian work and cars. Our goal is to participate in the 4L Trophy and to organize humanitarian activities (sports and car events, etc.).

Events and Social Activities

Events and Social Activities


The WeLoveThem association focuses on corporate social responsibility by designing and organizing professional events that contribute to sustainable development.


An Orléans-based pop-up store, supporting young designers as they try to gain visibility, while supporting environmentally responsible business.

Fruity Veggie

Our goal is to fight food waste while promoting a balanced diet through the sale of baskets of cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables. We also offer easy, tasty, and healthy recipes.


Creating useful objects from high-quality recycled and/or second-hand materials, in collaboration with local artisans.



Arts Office (BDA)

The goal of the BDA Interstell’Art is to promote Orléans artists and to raise awareness of art.


Our mission is to highlight local musicians by organizing events, and creating buzz through social networks, videos, etc.


L’Atelier focuses on local designers through numerous events such as pop-up shops and fashion shows.

Media orléans campus



RISC is an online media company that links students and businesses. It gives businesses access to university students, who are often a hard-to-reach audience.


Creating a radio station for the youth of Orléans: a station that is more dynamic, accessible, and modern than a traditional radio station,

with new and original content.

Services and Businesses


Supporting businesses and young people looking for a work-study placement or internship. Oppies is a personalized video-based matching service.


Gives high-quality Orléans restaurant operators access to the student market, by allowing students to preorder their meals and have them delivered.

  • Contact

    Student Enterprise Programs Orléans

    Stéphanie Hublin-Besson

    Director of Student Enterprise
    Office: +33 (0)6 09 48 04 37 |

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