On the ISC Paris campus in Paris, Student Enterprises have their own building, more than 1,600 m2 in size.
This type of association work is very similar to managing a small business, and it has a strong historical foundation. Once called “commissions,” some ISC Paris Student Enterprises–including Junior Enterprise–celebrated their 50th anniversary with ISC Paris’ founder in 2020. Other Enterprises are newly-founded, or have merged with other Enterprises.

Founded in 1964, the ISC Paris Student Life Office (BDE) coordinates the dynamic activities of our Student Enterprises and helps to bring their projects to life.

Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation

Sports Office (BDS)

The Sports Office offers sports activities for all students, and students can create their own sports events such as soccer and rugby tournaments, ski trips, etc.

ISC Motors

Focuses on driver safety and motor sports events: 4L Trophy, 24H du Mans OpenKart (karting). Offers student discounts on driving lessons (through a local partner).


Sends students on international internships, welcomes hundreds of Erasmus and international students to ISC Paris, and holds internationally-focused events.

Consulting & Enterprises

Consulting & Enterprises

ISC Junior Consulting

This student consulting firm is one of 12 ISO 9001-certified Junior Enterprises in France. It conducts studies on issues that are important to clients (founders, small/medium businesses and large corporations). It also organizes conferences and online events.

ISC Network

ISO 9001-certified; France’s first job placement service with nearly €500,000 in turnover. Its purpose is to help students fund all or part of their tuition while gaining work experience through temporary or fixed-term employment throughout the school year. Together with ISC Paris, ISC Network organizes the Gala, held in a well-known Paris event space.


Helps to promote ISC Paris at public events, forums for high school students, and open houses, working closely with the ISC Paris Grande École marketing department.


The communications arm of the association system; offers consulting and services to students and businesses, including logos, posters, giveaway items, and more.

Student enterprises videos

Entrepreneurship and social responsibility

Entrepreneurship and social responsibility

Aide Mondiale

A humanitarian association founded in 2001. This association defends the rights of children in five countries: Benin, Bali, the Philippines, Madagascar, and Peru, based on the idea that the best way to develop a country is to develop the next generation.
Aide Mondiale offers students the opportunity to travel worldwide for a unique professional growth experience as part of a one to four month internship with a local NGO; this also fulfills the ISC Paris international experience requirement.
Throughout the school year, Aide Mondiale raises funds through activities and events organized by its members to fund its projects that help more than 1,000 children each year.


Supports disadvantaged children through academic support, hospital-based programs, a Christmas tree and sports events for handicapped children.


France’s first student AIDS prevention organization; Solirace plays an increasingly important role in educating young people about preventing sexually-transmitted diseases.

Art, Culture, and Design

Art, Culture, and Design

Arts Office (BDA)

Promotes art and educates ISC Paris students about culture and the artistic environment through various events such as cooking classes, wine tastings, art openings and concerts.


Educates ISC Paris students about journalism, audiovisual media, cinematography, and photography. Their motto is: “Another view of the world.”


Organizes events related to the luxury and fashion sectors. Their major project is the National Young Designers Competition.


First ISC Paris Grande École Student Enterprise focused on e-sports, founded in 2019. This group brings together students who want to pursue their passion for e-sports while pursuing their studies.

  • Contact

    Student Enterprises Programs Paris

    Aymeric Pichot
    Director of Student Enterprises

    (+33) (0)1 40 53 74 05 / apichot@iscparis.com


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