ISC Paris has developed work/study programs for third-year Bachelor program students and Master 1 and 2 students in the Grande École program. Students can pursue these programs under employment or apprenticeship contracts; they combine a top-quality educational program with financial independence.

Work/study is an excellent option that allows our students to enter the working world, where they quickly learn and apply their knowledge to a corporate situation, while dividing their time between school and work.

ISC Paris Grande École de commerce

The strengths of a work/study program

Work/study brings students and corporations together in a win-win partnership.

Advantages for our students

    A degree program
    Compensation, with legal employee status
    Education funded by the corporate employer
    Initial one to two-year placement in the corporation
    Immediately apply classroom learning to the real world
    A springboard to a permanent job

Advantages for our corporate partners

    Hire based on the skills that your company needs
    Add a new perspective to your company’s challenges
    Manage your staffing levels in a low-commitment way
    Keep your salary costs under control
    Take advantage of incentives and tax exemptions that reduce the cost of the work/study employee
    Contribute to a valuable civic initiative
    Enhance your brand as an employer
    Two types of contracts
ISC Paris Grande École de commerce

Two types of contracts

We offer two types of contracts with two salary scales that allow you to choose the best work-study program option, depending on your company’s policies.

Work experience contract:

Salary is between 65% of the French minimum wage (SMIC) for a Bachelor’s student under 21 years old, and 85% of the French minimum branch contract salary (salaire minimal conventionnel de branche) for a student over 26 years old.

Apprenticeship contract:

The apprentice salary scale is based on the monthly SMIC (minimum wage) of 1,554.58 euros

18-20 years old

1st year:  668.47  € (43% of the SMIC)

2nd year: 792.84 € (51% of the SMIC)

3rd year: 1,041.57  € (67% of the SMIC)

21-25 years old

1st year: 823.93 € (53% of the SMIC)

2nd year: 948.29 € (61% of the SMIC)

3rd year: 1,212.57 € (78% of the SMIC)

For students over 26:

SMIC (1,554.58 €) or minimum contract salary for the position held during the apprenticeship contract, whichever is higher.

ISC Paris Grande École de commerce

A highly-structured program

3rd year of the Bachelor program

Contract term: 12 months

Type of employment contract: Work experience contract/Apprenticeship contract

Schedule: 1 week of classes/3 weeks in the work placement

1st and 2nd years of the Master  Grande Ecole program:

Contract term: 12-24 months

Type of employment contract: Work experience contract/Apprenticeship contract

Schedule: 1 week of classes/3 weeks in the work placement

Work/Study Support Team

ISC Paris has a dedicated work/study support team to help you target and find companies and roles that fit your career plans.

15% of students interested in work/study have already found a company and a role that are suitable for a work/study contract before they apply to the Bachelor program. Most students need help to “sell” themselves, to learn how to look for a corporate employer, and to successfully interview for the job.

We have designed a support system to help you firm up your work/study plans in a supportive atmosphere offering online services, a seminar, and coaching sessions, as well as access to a corporate forum that brings together all of our partners who are looking for work/study students.

Pre-requisites and admissions requirements

To pursue a work/study program, you must be admitted into the ISC Paris Grande Ecole program through our competitive examination to evaluate your academic level and motivation, and you must also be hired by your corporate employer; they will assess your professional skills for the position for which you are being hired.

The hiring process
1/ Pre-selection of companies identified by the applicant
2/ Applications and interviews to selected companies
3/ Register for ISC Paris Grande Ecole competitive exams
4/ ISC Paris Grande Ecole approves the partner corporation’s proposal
5/ Work/study contract is signed
6/ Enroll in ISC Paris Grande Ecole program

Note for international students:

International students must have a full-time work permit in order to pursue work/study. Ask your Embassy or Consulate for details.
Please also take your level of written and spoken French into account when seeking a work/study placement.

  • Contact

    Marie Galan
    Work-study Manager

    Tél: (+33) (0)1 40 53 79 64


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